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Burkhart Family History

Focus of this site is to share and expand family history information for Burkharts and related families. Common spelling variations include: BURCKHART, BURCKHARD, BURKARD, BURGHARD, BURK, BURKLI. Please follow this link for more details about the Burkhart Family History.

JOSEF BURKHART. He was a carpenter (zimmermann). Born about 1695 in Kempten, Allgau (Baden-Württemberg). Kemptem is southwest of Munich near the Swiss/Austrian border and Alps. It is home to the Neuschwanstein Castle, which was the model for the Disneyland castle. He died Feb. 19 1735 in Schaidt, Pfalz. (Germany, once part of Bavaria) Two children: Johann Michael and Johann (Mayor of Schadit in 1789.) First marriage: Feb 7 1718 to Maria Magdalena RESCHWEIN. Second marriage Jan. 07 1732 to Maria Barbara DIETRICH.

JOHANN MICHAEL BURKHART. He was also a carpenter.
Born in 1722. Died Jan. 23 1778 (in Schaidt?).
First marriage Nov. 26 1750 to Magdalena KOPF. Sons: Johann (b. 1753, d. 1809) and Michael (our line).
Second marriage Oct. 11 1763 to Katharina EDER.

MICHAEL BURCKHART was a carpenter. Born 1754 and died in Schaidt, Rhineland- Pfalz, Germany Oct. 17, 1825. He married BARABARA SAUM Feb. 23, 1778. Children: Margaretha (b. 1779 married 1801), Catharina (b. 1780 married 1802), Johannes Philippus (b. 1782 married 1809), Sebastian (b. ~1784 married 1808), Maria Anna (b. ~1792 married 1815), George Peter ( b. 1797, married 1815) and Johann Michael (b. 1800). Sebastian, our direct line, was born ~1784 and died July 29, 1870 in Schaidt, Rhineland-Pfalz, Germany.

SEBASTIAN BURCKHART and MARIA WILHELM, married in Schaidt Jan 13, 1808. Their children: Catharina (b.1809), Maria Anna (b. 1810), Franciscus Andrea (b. 1812), Margaretha (b. 1814), Maria Francisca (b. 1815), Catharina (b. 1816), Johannes (b. 1817), George Petri (b. 1819), Magdalena (b. 1821). All children born in Schaidt, Pfalz, part of Bavaria (Bayern) at the time.

GEORGE PETER (Petri) BURKHART arrived in New York May 10, 1860 with wife MARIA ANNA BERNHARDT and son FERDINAND BURKHART and settled in Brookville Indiana, USA. They began to spell the family name BURKHART in America. Our line moved to Cincinnati, Ohio in 1917.

Many thanks to Manfred Bouquet, the local historian for Schaidt, Germany who provided very valuable information about Josef Burkhart, and put me in touch with a distant Burkhart cousin in Schaidt.

If anyone has information Josef Burkhart, Johann Michael Burckhart, Sebastian Burckhart or related families: KOPF, RESCHWEIN, DIETRICH, EDER, SAUM, WILHELM, GETTO, GUCKERT, SCHIMPF, BERNHARDT, or ZAPF please contact art@savvysitesinc.com. Most of these families lived in or near to the west and southern parts of modern Germany, such as Pfalz, Bavaria (Bayern) and Baden-Wurttemberg. Thanks!

Strassburger & Zapf Families

We made serious progress on Audrey Burkhart's side. Her grandmother was a Strassburger who came from Germany in 1847. We didn't know much about this family before they came to the US.

Presumably, they originated in Strasburg, France, west of the Rhine River along the present German border. Control of this area changed hands several times and many inhabitants were German speaking.

I recently connected with a guy from Cincinnati who went to grade school and Elder High School with me. He's actually an eighth cousin who has done tons of research back to Germany. His name is Tim Allgeyer. I noticed his posting on the web.

We share a common direct ancestor, Thomas Strassburger, who was born in Gamshurst Germany around 1670. He updated his database to include Audrey's direct line of Strassburger's.

Tim also put me in touch with one of our distant relatives who still lives in Gamshurst, Germany. He knows the house where our Strassburger's lived before they left Germany in1847!

However, we have not had much luck tracing back the Zapf family who lived in Cincinnati. JOHAN (JOHN) ZAPF was born in Germany in 1829 and came to America some time prior to his marriage in Cincinnati to KATHERINA MARGARETTE (maiden name unknown) in 1853. The German town he came from is also unknown. Katherina came from Saxony.

Their son, CHARLES ZAPF, was born in Cincinnati in 1854 and married CORA MAE THORP. His brother, GEORGE WASHINGTON ZAPF, married FANNIE BELL THORP, her sister.

Also seeking more information about CATHERINE CONROY daughter of GEORGE CONROY and MARGARET CAREY. She was born January 4, 1850 in COUNTY CORK, IRELAND, and died January 7, 1923 in CINCINNATI, OHIO. She married GEORGE JOHN STRASSBURGER July 21, 1870 in CINCINNATI, OHIO. DANIEL MANNIX Jr. (b. 1859 and d. 1914 in Cincinnati). His father and mother MARY COSTELLO were both born in Ireland.

Any info about these family members would be also be appreciated. I will do my best to post new information to this site to share with everyone, as time permits.


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